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by Nieris

This has a very warm and welcoming feel to it. I love the lineart, it looks like something you'd find n the best comic books, just like...

I'm going to write my critique starting from the the general idea, then I will go from top to bottom. A lot of the lines are messy and ...

This is very cute, and the amount of effort you must have put in it was absolutely worth it. I like how you drew the fur, it looks fluf...

I really love this for multiple reasons. It's colorful, bright, easy to see (not too difficult for the eye to understand everything tha...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm Emy.
My native is french, but I speak fluently english. German and spanish are languages I'm learning.
I try my best.
I love violins, but I most of all enjoy drawing.



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My computer broke on wednesday, and since I don't have access to internet at all... I might not upload for a little while. Sorry!
Hi! I know it's been a long while since I've uploaded anything, so here you go with this masterpiece!
So glad that my drawing skills are improving, it starts looking more and more realistic.
You know the thing! Don't steal, don't use or share without written permission from me.
I am sorry for my inactivity, but here I am back! I actually didn't work on anything at all, I was taking a break from drawing. Going to New York four days helped me get inspiration, so now I am back again! I'll soon upload new drawings.
I loved going to the theater. Every evening, my parents would bring me there. My most frivolous pleasure was to run from the balconies rented by my family, and from the top of my perch I would salute to the little gentries and the poor who crowded into the back of the theater. I had heard that for them, the theater was a luxury, and that the sits of the rear, even if they could not see anything, gathered a lifetime of their small savings. Then I laughed and laughed to cry, as if I was about to unhook my jaw. The theater! To be an expensive and expensive luxury! Then I laughed even harder, and from the corner of my eye, I saw the servants shocked at my incessant hilarity about the living conditions of the little populace.

To go to the theater, which, as I said, happened every day, my maids would wash me, preen me, and they’d always finish by makeup, just a little to beautify my youthful face, but not too much to offend my parents. Then came the dresser, and her hundreds of dresses more colorful, more cute, more expensive than the others with their silk, their lace, their little froufrous that would make any little girl of the poor or the great ladies of the gentry drool of envy. Last of all, came the hairdresser, with her delicate brushes, her perfumed products, her ribbons, her headdresses and so on.

To get out, and head for the car, every night a new little girl of the common accompanied me to my own small private car. No way that she would be allowed to look at me and even least touch me! Impoverishment and poverty are serious and highly contagious diseases. She could look at me from a distance, discreetly, and only if anything separated me from her, like a window or a cloth.

After half an hour in the carriage, where a private musician was singing and playing the cello to distract me, I finally arrived at the theater. A valet helped me out with gentleness, and then guided me to the entrance reserved for royalty.

That evening, however, the carriage did not stop in front of the theater, but rather in front of a dimly lit alley,  smelling like humidity and detritus. A smelly boor swept me away, and forced me to walk faster than my usual rhythm. When I tried to call for help, he covered my mouth with a hand covered with filth and brought me all the more quickly to the end of the alley. Curiosity prevailing over my terror, I could not struggle and attempt a flight once I reached the end of the alley. A blinding white light blinded me completely for several minutes, and I could hear the murmur of voices calling me away, seeming to get closer with every passing second. The arms pressing me tightened their embrace and I finally regained the sight. Two men were holding my limbs, while another was busy bringing me back to me, while he was tearing away my organs, slowly, with precision.

The lane disappeared. My clothes and my dreamed youth disappeared. I was dead, but they brought me back.
The Theater
Yep, another short horror story. I can't spoil the end, but all I can say is that you'll just be so impressed, you'll read the story over and over again.

Have a wild fun.
I'm very sorry if I do not post anything for a little while, I'm currently working on a novel project. Stay around for updates! =P (Razz) 
This is actually all the little things that I can currently think about that make me really happy whenver they happen. You will notice, very little makes my day.

  1. I like when I wake up, and stretch, and get a really warm cup of coffee with some coffee cream. Coffee cream alone makes my day. It is so wonderful for waking up while tasting sweet and rainbows for the tongue and the soul.
  2. I love when my cat in all his fluffiness coming to great me the morning, then stealing the spot where I slept on my bed (which is very warm and in a vague circle shape). Not sure if he actually ask to be pet so I can forget the fact that he's an hypocrite. Now that I think of it, it's probably what happens.
  3. Going online and seeing that someone left me a construstive comment or that someone posted some art. (YES IT MAKES ME HAPPY)
  4. Taking the bus in the morning and the other people around me aren't screaming as usual, talking overly loud or playing horrible music on their speakers. Who the heck listens to heavy metal at 8:00AM? That usually starts out my day very very well. I have a lot of stories about what some kids do in that bus...and... I don't think anyone really wants to hear about them.
  5. My first class is art, which happens once a week. One hour and a quarter of art where I am half of the time doing nothing because I do my work way faster than the rest of the students is unfair. I have only one class of art a week, couldn't you give me more work to do? And we don't even draw at all the rest of the year beside in the first project. Like come on. This is such a disapointement, but I am still happy because it is art.
  6. Eating at the cafeteria at my table, all alone, so I can think about all the stuff I had to learn earlier that day.
  7. On tuesdays, coming back home with my father and listening to music in his car. It's so wonderful because we do not spend a lot of time together, and it is one of the few times where we can listen to a certain type of music and enjoy it.
  8. Cleaning the house. I take an immense pleasure in making my life environnement proper and nice to look at.
  9. Smelling flowers, my friends making me laugh, reading a book I enjot the style of, drawing something I love to do, petting my cat, watching tv with my mother, my meal being warm when I get it, mashed potatoes. (Why did I write so many in one sentence. Louk, why.)
  10. Touching my friend's hair. Her hair is so smelly that when my hands are off it they still smell her shampoo, which smells like flowers. (It is a win-win situtation. I pet something fluffy and smelling like flowers, and she enjoys me playing in her hair.)
  11. One of my teachers buys daily the newspaper, and I love reading it daily, when he takes the time to tell me if he had the time to buy it or not. It's so kind from him.
  12. Waving at my evening's bus driver when he passes before my house.
  13. A fellow student waving at me in the hallway and greeting me and asking how I am. It happens daily, but it still makes me happy. (I just noticed that I am somewhat popular... (M'LADIES, BODY SHAPE DO NOT DEFINE WETHER YOU ARE POPULAR OR NOT.)
  14. Watching kitten videos. They're so adorable.
  15. Eating the friday's pancakes with my family. One of my favorite moment of the week.
  16. Having a four week vacacion weekend. Just because I can spend more time doing more community work instead of "learning" stuff I already know about in school.
So far, that is all. I hope... I dunno, you enjoyed to know how little things can make someone happy.
Have a wonderful day.


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Thank you so much for faving one of my guides :D (Big Grin) I really appreciate it! I hope its helped you in some way. 
If you watch me you'll see that I have tons of other guides coming too! There are many already in my gallery, which I hope you'll check out. 
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Thanks again :D (Big Grin)
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Hello! I'm looking forward to seeing you improve!! I can see you care about drawing a lot, and you're really open minded to critiques. With this mindset, you can become an amazing artist! 
LoukvennMoon Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you ^-^
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Hi, I wanna thank you for the favorite on my sketch I made, it means so much, thank yoou ~!!
Your drawings and such are awesome, to be honest, I think you have a great talent and could become a really good artist if you carried on (*≧▽≦)
LoukvennMoon Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwwh thank you so much! You have such great talent yourself! ^-^
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